Development, Implementation, Evaluation, and Long-Term Outcome of a Program to Increase Student Interst in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Training

Annelies Fitzgerald, Robert D. Fitzgerald, Alexander Seidl, Wolfgang Oczenski, Faissal A. M. Shaheen

in Experimental and Clinical Transplantation (2021)

The increasing need for anesthetists has been coupled with a rising number of open training positions. Thus, there is an increased need to attract future anesthetists among students and graduates from medical universities. Using results from a questionnaire, we designed an information and training program to increase interest in anesthesia and intensive care.

With the use of semistructured interviews, medical students were questioned about factors influencing their decision for a speciality. We used the results to design an information and practice program for students and young doctors. This program was held 12 times at different anesthesia departments in different hospitals. Evaluation was obtained through a feedback questionnaire at the end of each sessions and with another questionnaire 2 to 4 years after the program.

Feedback showed positive responses concerning utility for practical work, actuality, and relevance for daily practical work. There was a 22.7% response from participants for the follow-up questionnaire. Of these, 87% stated that interest in anesthesia was increased by the program, and 74% underwent practical training in an anesthesia department. Seventeen participants started a speciality training for anesthesia and intensive care medicine.